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Our restorative music sessions use music to challenge the impossible, champion others beyond their wildest imaginations, and empower hearts with hope.

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We combine practical music interventions that sharpen the mind and body while involving spiritual tools that strengthen the heart. We believe God is our ultimate source of restoration and that His Holy Spirit offers wisdom, insight, and comfort to restore our hearts, minds, and bodies. We begin each session with prayer and worship to welcome God’s presence and invite His help. 

Music offers the freedom to address practical and spiritual needs simultaneously, as it engages the heart, mind, and body. We use singing, movement, cognitive games, and instruments to sharpen practical areas of need such as communication, fine and gross motor movement, listening, and coordination. We strengthen spiritual needs such as social and emotional health through music listening, movement, singing, songwriting, and instrument playing.

Price Includes:

  • Assessment and treatment plan to address areas of need

  • Music activities to strengthen and sharpen the heart, mind, and body

  • Recordings and musical resources 

$60 - 30 min

$100 - 45 min

$125 - 60 min

In Person or Online

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Our Family Enrichment services use music activities to strengthen love and life abundantly in your family.

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These classes are designed to promote family bonding between mamas and their littles while simultaneously equipping children with developmental skills through music, singing, and movement. Whether it be a greeting peers in a hello song, singing the ABC's, dancing to find shapes and colors, or playing instruments, you can expect your child to grow in language acquisition, fine and gross motor skills, and academic skills.


0-2 yrs & 3-4 yrs - Siblings Free


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