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Lessons that strengthen the heart and sharpen the art.

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We offer voice lessons for youth and adults, ranging from 6 years old to adulthood.

Our private voice lessons are designed to incorporate pop vocal technique while training your heart in how to carry God's presence with your artistic expression. You can expect to build your vocal endurance, expand your range and agility, and discover how to wield your sound with courage, humility, and excellence. 

Our lessons program is paced by 3 phases:

1 - Build ear training and fundamental skills

2 - Improve harmonization and vocal skills

3 - Expand mobility, vocal agility, and creativity

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HeART of Hope exists to empower hearts with hope through artistic experience and expression. 

Every heart longs to experience true hope and shine it clearly to others. Owner, Hope Witt, experienced 10 years of vocal trauma and vocal issues that included months of hoarseness, vocal nodules, and great disappointment over her vocal limitations. During a moment of surrendering her voice, God spoke to Hope and told her that she would one day sing the songs she loved singing- the ones with wide ranges, raw tones, and difficult runs. 

Over the next several years, Hope kept seeking the Lord's wisdom on how to take better care of her voice and was introduced to some of the greatest instructors of pop vocal technique. Hope trained under multiple private and group instructors through Gateway Worship and Gateway Worship Team Academy. In 2020, while recording her first studio album, Hope experienced her first year of zero vocal issues- she was completely healed! She now trains students with an understanding that we can far exceed our presumed limitations with the help of God's presence.

​We uniquely welcome God's presence into each lesson, sharpen students in scriptural foundations of music, and equip students with excellent vocal training. We do not move forward in equipping a skill without addressing the heart. We prioritize “heartistry” before artistry. HeART of Hope lessons strengthen the heart while sharpening the art. We identify and train the unique heart behind the art while equipping each person with a spirit of excellence. We believe prioritizing God’s heart leads to excellent art. We believe that excellent art has the power to transform the hardest hearts.

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"Lessons with Hope are FUN and POWERFUL!… I’ve taken lessons from several different teachers before, but Hope helped connect the dots between skills I had learned and who God has created me to be.”

Jessica Dalton

Singer & Enneagram Coach

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“As a seasoned adult vocalist, I could feel my vocal ability diminishing in a season where I was not singing to the same capacity as I did in previous years. I came to HOH looking for challenge and coaching and have received just that, but so much more! I am experiencing breakthrough in my vocal control and a new confidence as I have applied new-generation technique to what I already know.
I love that Hope is focused on a holistic approach to vocal training and is willing to help her students, not only master technique, but push through limiting beliefs that hinder vocal expression.”

Kate Trenda

Worshipper & Mother

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"Hope is such an amazing teacher. She has great techniques that really help stretch and grow your voice beyond your ability."

Autumn R.


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HeART for Hope is just absolutely AHHMAZING!! There are not enough good words in the dictionary to describe the level of quality and excellence this woman carries with her ability to reach + teach people. From the paperwork process all the way to the learning table, everything is seamless. Communication is off the charts amazing! As a parent, Im in the know with every lesson for my child and when I ask my child how was class she can give a clear + direct response which is the fruit of each lesson. Prices are unbeatable and worth every penny. It’s VERY clear this is Hope’s passion to see breakthrough in every area of a students life. It’s not just a guitar or a piano or voice lesson, it’s whole body therapy — she’s getting the soil right! She enriches the soil so things can be nurtured and grown all while planting seeds of amazing creativity in her students! Hands down! Best. Place. Ever.

Stacy R.


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Questions, comments or requests? Feel free to reach out, we’d love to hear from you.

Fort Worth, TX, USA


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